Building Projects

Our JQTH grants scheme funded a programme of repair and restoration in the Jewellery Quarter

Townscape Heritage Area

The JQTH area covered part of the ‘Industrial Middle’ and included the following streets;

Frederick Street, Legge Lane, Albion Street, Warstone Lane, Vittoria Street, Regent Place, Regent Street

Area Covered by the JQTH Grant Scheme

JQTH Grants

The Jointworks, Albion Street

This formerly vacant Grade II listed building has been restored and brought back into use as co-working and events space with support from the JQTH project.

JQTH Grants

23-26 Warstone Lane

Local jewellery manufacturer to bring new life to this listed building with support from the JQTH

JQTH Grants

51-53 Vittoria Street

A building that shows the development of the Jewellery Quarter from residential to manufacturing has had its original historic features repaired.

JQTH Grants

22-24 Vittoria Street

Originally part of a group of back to back houses.  External grant funded repairs have showcased the buildings domestic origins.

JQTH Grants

9 Regent Place

Urgent repairs undertaken through the JQTH grant scheme as the first phase of a wider package of repair and restoration works.

JQTH Grants

The Flaghouse

Urgent repairs to safeguard historic feature of the Jewellery Quarter


Chamberlain Clock

The Jewellery Quarter’s Chamberlain Clock was removed for extensive repairs and restoration by Smith of Derby and returned in early 2021. The project was joint funded by JQTH grants via the National Lottery Heritage Fund, and the JQBID.

JQTH Grants

The Argent Centre

The Argent Centre on Frederick Street was the first building to receive funding from the JQTH grants scheme. Formerly a pen factory which also housed a Turkish baths, the Victorian building has undergone work to repair brickwork, windows and reinstate the turrets.