Portrait by Andy Pilsbury

As someone with a keen interest in manual, practical work, Roger Burton first secured a job in the jewellery trade soon after he finished school. He spent around 60 years working for various companies within the Jewellery Quarter, including a manufacturer of expensive wedding rings.

During an unfortunate period when Roger found himself out of work for 3 months, his wife found him a job at prestigious jewellery firm Alabaster & Wilson. Roger went on to spend 13 years at the company, making items such as brooches and chains; he particularly remembers making exquisite silver horse brooches.

What I like is the family atmosphere in the Quarter, and the fact they help you out, you know. It’s more like a club really, especially as you get to know people, kindred spirits.

– Roger Burton

Listen to Roger

Roger talks about the process of making a hollow chain

Listen to Roger

Roger recalls working at Alabaster & Wilson and some items he made there.

Listen to Roger

Rogers describes what it was like to work at the jewellers bench.