By Freya Samuel, research volunteer

Known as Trafalgar Works, it replaced a pair of semi-detached houses and added shopping (workshops). The left-hand side pavilion incorporated the main entrance to the offices, warehouses and showroom in the L Plan building, while the other pavilion provided the main workers entrance.

The building is made from red brick with terracotta detailing, gable chimneys and a Welsh slate roof covering. There are decorative terracotta shields on the façade, and the initials A.L of Adie & Lovekin can be seen above the entrance door. Only one original multi-panel window exists on Frederick Street which maintains the original cross-frame form. The other windows are Georgian on the ground floor, and asymmetric Georgian variation windows on the first floor.Fattorini Ltd founded in 1827 by Italian immigrant Antonio Fattorini in Yorkshire, where he specialised in jewellery, watches, and objects like barometers.  The company set up a branch in Birmingham to take advantage of the demand for badges, trophies, and medals for sports clubs. In 1927 they moved into Frederick Street, the building was then called Trafalgar Works and the range of products expanded greatly. They combined traditional skills with modern production processes and methods.

In 1984 Fattorini & Sons was sold to Thomas Fattorini Ltd; Thomas Fattorini Ltd and Fattorini & Sons were friendly rivals for many years, both businesses being owned and managed by descendants of Antonio Fattorini. Thomas Fattorini Ltd is still trading at 23 Frederick Street, JQ.  Today the company is managed by Greg Fattorini, the 6th generation to inherit the business.

Did you know?

  • In 1883 the firm made the first ever chess clock comprising two linked pendulum clocks.
  • Fattorini made world-famous sports trophies including the FA Cup and the Rugby League Challenge Cup which are still being used today!

Building Timeline


Adie & Lovekin moved their premises to the other end of Regent Street following a fire; they commissioned the new building, designed by architects Mansell & Mansell

1895 - 1928

Adie & Lovekin are listed as a business in the building

1928 - 1930

A number of different jewellers and manufactures used the factory


It was taken over by Thomas Fattorini Ltd, well known makers of badges, medals and sporting trophies, who were expanding their business from Yorkshire

1930 - present

The building has been registered with Fattorini, and in trade directories as 1 Regent Street (instead of 23-24 Frederick Street, which it was called when Adie & Lovekin owned the building)