Portrait by Andy Pilsbury

Husband-and-wife watchmakers Craig and Rebecca Struthers met in the Jewellery Quarter during their training in 2004. First working as restorers of vintage and antique wrist and pocket watches, in 2012, the Struthers founded their own workshop making timepieces using heritage movements salvaged from the local bullion industry.

In 2018, they started work on their first in-house watch which will almost entirely be made using mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century machines in their workshops on Regent Place, part of the Deakin & Francis building. Their first apprentice, Heather Fisher, joined the company full-time in July 2019.

I don’t think we’d change it, making it this way is so much more fun, it’s so much more exciting and more hands on. I think because we’re both makers, as opposed to designers, if we lost that hands on element I don’t think we’d have the same passion for what we do.

– Craig & Rebecca Struthers

Listen to Rebecca and Craig

Rebecca and Craig talk about the process of working with enameller Elaine at Deakin & Francis to create a new watch dial

Struthers on BBC Midlands Today

On Wednesday 4th March a short film about the history of watchmaking in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, aired on BBC Midlands Today. If you'd like to find more about watchmaking in the Midlands, past and present, you can watch the feature in full below.