Portrait by Andy Pilsbury

Kevin was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, he had a love for art at school but due to personal circumstances decided to move to Birmingham rather than staying on at sixth form. As an apprentice in the sheet metal industry, Kevin learned many forms of welding, how to read technical drawings, producing bespoke parts for cars such as Rolls Royce and Bentley. Kevin progressed to become a project manager within the industry but it was during this time that he realised that his real passion was for making. After a short time working back on the shop floor at Morgan Motor Company, Kevin decided on a career change and enrolled as a student at the School of Jewellery studying for an HND in Jewellery and Silversmithing.

He worked as artist in residence at the School, which gave him the opportunity to use the equipment and build his body of work, producing sculptural objects which included vases and bowls made using laser welding. His work has won the prestigious Goldsmiths Company Award three times due to the contemporary original designs and ground breaking techniques.

Kevin practices from his workshop in the Jewellery Quarter alongside other silversmiths, and continues to work for himself making pieces for shows and commissions for clients. His work can be seen in national collections and is collected and respected internationally.

The Jewellery Quarter is a great place. I suppose in terms of ease, working ease, I can pick people’s brains because you know, I don’t know everything. And I can ask someone, it might not be the right answer, but you can always ask someone and that might lead onto something else. Or I can say to Andy “who is the best person for this in the Quarter?” and he’ll just tell me.

– Kevin Grey

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Kevin talks about the creative processes he goes through as a silversmith