Jewellery Quarter activities

Activities to enjoy whilst in the local area

JQ Cemeteries

Nature Detectives Activity Pack

Spot plants and animals in the cemeteries, your garden or any green space you visit while you are on your allowed daily walk. Don’t forget to stay at least 2 metres from people who aren’t in your household that you see while walking. Share with us @JQCemeteries on social media.

Jewellery Quarter

Pavement Trails

Explore the hidden histories of the Jewellery Quarter with two fantastic pavement trails. The Charm Bracelet Trail starts at the bottom of Newhall Hill (look out for the heart shaped charm!) and takes you on a visual journey around the heart of the Jewellery Quarter.  The Findings Trail celebrates the varied achievements and stories of JQ residents and workers, starting on Newhall Street.

Jewellery Quarter

Buildings Research

With purpose built factories, grand houses and small workshops, the JQTH area contains a range of diverse buildings with fascinating histories. Find out about the buildings you see as you walk round the Jewellery Quarter using the interactive map!