By Marie Haddleton from the Hockley Flyer and Rebecca O’Grady, research volunteer

The present building was built in 1901 as a branch of the National Provincial Bank of England with two entrances: one for the bank’s clients and the other for employees – with a staircase to the 1st floor where the bank manager and clerks were employed, complete with large walk-in strong room, and a hoist near front door up to first floor, and an internal staircase. These premises also included a ground floor and 1st floor extension at the rear. A toilet block was built in the outside yard. The new building has a particularly attractive pediment which bears the date 1901.

Abrahall & Bint traded from 22 Frederick Street occupying the rear ground floor and 1st floor during WW1. They were Diamond Mounters. They also designed and manufactured all kinds of Gem Jewellery and High-class Pearl Goods and specialised in Gem Rings, Brooches, Bracelets, Tiaras, Necklets, etc. Another speciality was Municipal and Presentation Work with Special Attention to Repairs and Approbation Orders.

Birmingham Medal Co. was established in 1921 – Hal (Harold) Stewart Turner, head, also Silversmiths, joined by Hutchinson & Co. Jewellery Valuers.The Birmingham Medal Company employed mainly disabled ex- servicemen. In 1922 they operated from 58, Vittoria Street, in 1926 moved to Summer Hill Terrace, in 1930 moved for about ten years to 1st floor 22 Frederick Street (over Natwest Bank). In 1939 changed name to Birmingham Medal & Badge Co., and in 1940 moved to 29/30 Albion Street, 1963 to 95 Albion Street, then to 30 Frederick Street. Their makers mark was ‘BM Co’ and they produced a wide variety of objects including enamel badges and AA and RAC badges.

In 1988 York Business Administration, later YBA Publications (Marie Haddleton, Mark Haddleton) took over semi-derelict 2nd Floor. The Hockley Flyer launched in 1984, YBA Publications also published programmes for Hednesford Hills Raceway and Birmingham Wheels Stock Car racing tracks plus the monthly A4 Short Circuit magazine, National Grass Racer and many Year Books; also publishing The History & Guide to The Jewellery Quarter (Issues 1 and 2). There is a sculpture on the pavement outside 22 Frederick Street premises depicting the trolley which Marie used for many years to distribute the Hockley Flyer to every letterbox in the Jewelley Quarter!


Building Timeline

c. 1850

Original building built


Chepin family, Wholesale Grocers; Thomas Caldicott, Jeweller


Ethell family, headed by School Mistress, brother Jeweller, aunt (blind) retired Upholstress


Walker family, Shoemakers; Summer family (Poland) Jeweller/Valuer moved from no. 28


Michael Walker lunacy patient admission


Summer family, Jeweller/Valuer


Present building was built; Occupied by National Provincial Bank of England branch as well as Abrahall & Bint Jewellers


2nd floor was occupied by a caretaker (Thomas family), Bank Messenger, Jeweller’s Clerk, Errand Boy, Electrical Engineer


Marie Thomas, first female voter inhabitant; daughter married Sidney Pickering, Coach Painter


Thomas and Pickering families replaced by Bruce family


Abrahall & Bint replaced by Birmingham Medal Co. (Hal Turner, head, also Silversmiths), joined by Hutchinson & Co. Jewellery Valuers, for one year


2nd Floor occupied by Turner & Somers. Turner & Somers specialised in the man


In 1988 York Business Administration, later YBA Publications (Marie Haddleton, Mark Haddleton) took over semi-derelict 2nd Floor. The Hockley Flyer launched in 1984,


Jewellery Quarter Association Ltd. (registered and administered by York Business Administration from York House). JQ Heritage was also launched from this address.


1st & GF - KV Jewellery (Eddie Clinton)


1st Floor - Flange Jewellery
NatWest becomes part of Royal Bank of Scotland


QA address moved to 9-11 Vittoria St - moved back to 22 Frederick Street a few months later


Natwest auction over 100 small branches all over country - firm in Gibralter buy 22 Frederick Street - two years later they went bankrupt and premises put in hands of Official Receiver.


(Laxmi Jewellers) buy whole of premises for redevelopment.


YBA Publications move to Great Barr


Natwest branch closes down completely and nearest branch was in City Centre


New owners start refurbishing premises